scheinleistung (VA) / Tina Tonagel + Pierre Estrougie

SA 30.03. // 20h

scheinleistungscheinleistung (VA) is the product of the effective values of electrical voltage and current. The electrical power transmitted to an electrical device is at any moment equal to the product of electrical voltage and current. By simply forming the product of the effective values of electrical voltage and current intensity for alternating current, only the scheinleistung (VA) is obtained. The scheinleistung (VA) can be higher than the active power, if current and voltage do not oscillate in phase, so that the current has a component of reactive current. The scheinleistung (VA) then corresponds to the geometric sum of active power and reactive power.
scheinleistung (VA) is a duo formed by hans w. koch and Britta Fehrmann in 2016, to find a sounding interpretation of scheinleistung (VA).
scheinleistung (VA) sounds like:

S2 = P2 + Q2

S = U ยท I


Tina Tonagel + Pierre Estourgie

This audio-visual Show is a new collaboration of Cologne-based media artist Tina Tonagel and the musician Pierre Estourgie from Arnhem.
Together they develop a range of selfmade mechanical Instruments, analog projections and automatically controlled devices.The result of the combination with Synthesizers are imaginative soundscapes, subtile rhythms and a surprising room filling adventure.

Tina Tonagel works with sound, various projection techniques and electromechanical devices, which she uses for interventions in space. Through her work she sharpens the image and perception of the spectator for spatial peculiarities and seemingly everyday things. The poetry of precise elaborated aesthetic and understandable mechanic makes her work a fascinating experience.
Tina Tonagel has received numerous scholarships and prizes and her work was shown in various exhibition and festivals.

Pierre Estourgie specializes in (acoustic) electronica sounds and music. All sounds are handmade and self produced with samplers, analog synthesizers and effects, which he plays live. His composittions are notable for the feeling for detail, authentic choices and cinematic atmosphere. Pierre Estourgie plays his tunes live in different multidisciplinary collaborations, festivals and solo.