GGG Broadcast | Kölscher Herbst Online

Livestream and teaser for the digital research project by Merle Vorwald.
Kölscher Herbst Covid Finale.

live on instagram
@ggg.hq.2020 and @goldbeton

G1 – SA 16h
G2 – SO 16h
G3 – MO 16h

The artist:
„GGG-HQ is a project about rightwing ideology in my family and my hometown. It stands for Ging nicht, Geht nicht, Geht doch [didn’t work, doesn’t work, works despite]. The project is based on research about the continuity of rightwing extremism from the Third Reich to West Germany and contemporary rightwing activities. GGG uses archives, historical documents, autofictional texts, memory scripts, visual textures, GIFs, and tweets to articulate a personal collection of fragments and to look into possibilities of commemoration.

G1 (Ging nicht), the first episode, reconstructs my family narrative and facts about a Third Reich career that was projected into the new state of West Germany. It connects materials about the early years after the war, Wikipedia entries, biographies of central figures such as General Otto Ernst Remer, and snippets of the history of the rightwing party NPD.

G2 (Geht nicht) consists of autofictional fragments investigating the NPD member and right wing activist Hans-Michael Fiedler amongst other political layers of a West-German town, in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s.

The final episode, G3 (Geht doch), examines how I have been impacted by this aspect of my family history. It reflects on my silence over the years and the general recent rightwing tendencies in German society.“

GGG Credits:
Tea Palmelund
Lena Katharina
Lotte Meret
Lucie Schibel
Sebastian Tesch
Don’t DJ
Elio J Carranza and Sara Wendt
Gary Farelly and OJAI
Frederiek Weda/Galerie Bernau
Alexander Nowak
Meryem Erkus/GOLD+BETON

supported by:
Fonds für Darstellende Künste