Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Tine Günther
Maik Alles Gute
Diana Warstein
Vernissage: Fr 14.10. // 19h
FR + SA 16h – 19h u.n.V.


Specials Dates im Rahmen der Ausstellung:

SA 22.10. // 23h
AIC ON 2016 powered by AIC Cologne

Omsk Social Club feat PUNK IS DADA
„Didn’t they tell you I was savage? – Self Design Vs Design of the Self“, audio-visuelle Performance

SA 29.10. // 19h-3h

Echo Ho – Arrive Before The Dawn

Mi 31.08.
Fr – So 16h – 20h u.n.V.

Fr 02. September bis 22h geöffnet.

Installationen von Echo Ho.

arrived final echo ho

Echo Ho is a Beijing-born and Cologne based artist who focuses on conceptual links of culturally diverse materials. Her work covers a broad medial spectrum of installations, objects, situational interventions, live performances and audiovisual compositions. Ho’s artistic outputs by the encounter with space, time and body is mostly focusing on its poetical quality. She often interwove historical narratives and the present, which researches the weight of `snaked in memories´and how they influence the urban metamorphose in the context of globalization tendencies.

Cabinet of Kaput // 27.05.-17.06.2016

Cabinet of Kaput
Kaput Magazine’s new weekly art section

cabinet of kaput

Opening: 27.05.2016
Finissage: 17.06.2016
Die Bäume
Stefan Müller

Contributions by:

Peter Abs
Abel Auer
Kenneth Bergfeld
Alexandra Bircken
Kira Bunse
Marieta Chirulescu
Jessica Gispert
Lukas Goersmeyer
Alex Heilbron
Simon Hemmer
Tobias Hohn / Stanton Taylor
Oliver Husain
Tina Kohlmann
Florian Köhler
Robert Kraiss
Anita Leib
Katrin Mayer
Jan Meier
Almut Middel
Bernadette Mittrup
Stefan Müller
Nie Pastille
Phantom Kino Ballett
Hedda Schattanik
Timo Seber
Paul Sochacki
Stephanie Stein
Cecilia Szalkowicz
Roman Szczesny
Sarah Szczesny
Jelena Trivic
Weisser Westen
Alex Wissel

MP GOLD – Retrospektive

MP GOLD – Retrospektive
Vernissage: FR 06.05. // 19h
Ausstellung: 07.05.-22.05.
Geöffnet: FR & SA 16h – 19h
SA 21.05. talents 2016

mp gold

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MP GOLD ist eine Art Spiel. Das Künstlerduo bestehend aus Marie Josefin Stute und Philipp Naujoks arbeitet weitestgehend intuitiv und setzt die Beobachtungen der Welt nach den eigenen Regeln neu zusammen. Uns bekannte Umgebungen werden distinktiv wahrgenommen, wodurch zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen, eigene Gefühle und vor allem gegenwärtige gesellschaftliche Phänomene und Strukturen durch das Werk neue Identität erlangen. Einzelne Fragmente aus Video, Zeichnung, Skulptur und Objet Trouvé verschmelzen in MP GOLDs Gesamt-Installationen zu humorvollen Zitaten auf Kitsch und Klischees.
Für die Ausstellung RETROSPEKTIVE zieht das Wohnzimmeratelier des Duos ins GOLD+BETON ein. Selbstverständlich mitsamt oben genannter Fragmente und vielerlei Objekt (und dessen Wesen).


MP GOLD is kind of a game. The duo consisting of Marie Josefin Stute and Philipp Naujoks operates mainly intuitive and rearranges their observations of the world into new constructions. Familiar environments are perceived distinctively, while interpersonal relationships, subjective feelings and contemporary social structures and phenomena gain new identity through their work. Individual fragments of video, drawing, sculpture and objet trouvé merge in MP Gold’s extensive installation to peak in humorous quotes on kitsch and clichés.
For the exhibition RETROSPECTIVE, MP GOLD moves its livingroom studio into GOLD+BETON.
Of course including said fragments and lots of objects (and their souls).

Vika Kirchenbauer – YOU ARE BORING!

Vika Kirchenbauer – YOU ARE BORING!
3D-Film, 15′, 2015.
Vernissage Mi 20.4.vika 1
geöffnet: DO-SA 16h-19h, SO 14h-17h
Im Rahmen von Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund|Köln

YOU ARE BORING! discusses the troublesome nature of “looking” and “being looked at” in larger contexts including labour within the new economy, performer/spectator relations, participatory culture, contemporary art display and queer representational politics.

YOU ARE BORING! formulates a 3D video installation focusing on five performers’ bodies as sites-of-speech free from any physical context. Through strategies that overload the capacities of affective multitasking and the self-consuming illusion of total subjectivity, the spectator is personally addressed and promised exactly what he or she needs.


Vika Kirchenbauer is an artist and writer currently working and residing in Berlin. In her work she explores opacity in relation to representation of the ʻotheredʼ through ostensibly contradictory methods like exaggerated explicitness, oversharing and perversions of participatory culture.
She examines the troublesome nature of “looking” and “being looked at” in larger contexts including labour within post-fordism and the experience economy, modern drone warfare and its insistence on unilateral staring, the power relationships of psychiatry, performer/spectator relations, participatory culture, contemporary art display and queer representational politics as well as the everyday life experience of ambiguously gendered individuals.

Her work has been exhibited in a wide range of contexts in about forty countries and has won prizes at festivals in the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia and Italy.


Für das IFFF hat Kirchbauer die Sektion „begehrt! filmlust queer“ kuratiert. Die ausgewählten Kurzfilme laufen am DO 21.4. in der Filmpalette und FR 22.4. im Filmforum des Museum Ludwigs.