Henrike Naumann – Aufbau WEST / 21.4 – 28.5

Aufbau West – Henrike Naumann

aufbauwest_karte22.4. – 28.5. 2017
Vernissage: 21.4. // 19h
geöffnet: FR & SA 16h-19h u.n.V.
Art Cologne Late Night View:
Di 25.4. // 21h

Henrike Naumanns erste Solo-Ausstellung im Westen!

Growing up in Eastern Germany, Henrike Naumann experienced extreme-right ideology as a predominant youth culture in the 90s. Her work reflects on the history of the right-wing terrorism in Germany as well as on today‘s broad acceptance of racist ideas. She is interested in the mechanisms of radicalization and how they are linked to personal experience and youth culture. She likes to explore the friction of contrary political opinion through the ambivalence of personal aesthetic taste. In her immersive installations she combines video and sound with scenographic spaces. In recent years she widened her focus to the global connectivity of youth cultures and the reversion of cultural othering. Notable exhibitions include ’The Museum of Trance’ at the 4th Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), ‚Intercouture’ at the Musée d’Art Contemporain et Multimédias de l’Echangeur in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and ‚Aufbau Ost‘ at Galerie Wedding, Berlin.


Steffen Ademmer  – ZULETZT DIE HÄNDE

ademmer_steffen frontSteffen Ademmer
Dienstag 28.02. // 19h

Chris brennt
Vernissage mit Performance:
Subkulturelle Reinigung.
Aura-Messung & Edelsteinberatung.

Freitag 03.03. // 19h

Opening Reception
// für die KarnevalistInnen die es Veilchendienstag nicht mehr rausschaffen oder bei ihrem Veedels-Nubbel bleiben müssen.
Visualisierung // Distanzen
Visuelle // Distanzierungen

Freitag 10.03. // 19h
Skulptur für Kippenberger.
(07.03 / 20. Todestag)
Nächtliche Exerzitien
Nasses & Rauch


FR / SA / SO 15h-19h



WOOFER – barke und barke

WOOFER – barke und barke


Der WOOFER ist Skulptur, Performance, Experiment und soziale Fläche. Aber vor allem Woofer.

Eine Installation von Sebastian Bathe & Christoph Görke.

woofer front

Zur Vernissage und Finissage wird es Live-Recordings mit Pappen im Nebel geben:

14.01 // 21.00: *GOLD*

03.02 // 21.00: *BETON*







Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Tine Günther
Maik Alles Gute
Diana Warstein
Vernissage: Fr 14.10. // 19h
FR + SA 16h – 19h u.n.V.


Specials Dates im Rahmen der Ausstellung:

SA 22.10. // 23h
AIC ON 2016 powered by AIC Cologne

Omsk Social Club feat PUNK IS DADA
„Didn’t they tell you I was savage? – Self Design Vs Design of the Self“, audio-visuelle Performance

SA 29.10. // 19h-3h

Echo Ho – Arrive Before The Dawn

Mi 31.08.
Fr – So 16h – 20h u.n.V.

Fr 02. September bis 22h geöffnet.

Installationen von Echo Ho.

arrived final echo ho

Echo Ho is a Beijing-born and Cologne based artist who focuses on conceptual links of culturally diverse materials. Her work covers a broad medial spectrum of installations, objects, situational interventions, live performances and audiovisual compositions. Ho’s artistic outputs by the encounter with space, time and body is mostly focusing on its poetical quality. She often interwove historical narratives and the present, which researches the weight of `snaked in memories´and how they influence the urban metamorphose in the context of globalization tendencies.